Ten Commandments: Lights, Camera…Faith! New Book

Hi everyone,

Pauline Books & Media is pleased to announce a new book by Rev. Peter Maolne, MSC and I on movies and the Ten Commandments. You can order from www.pauline.org  . To “search” for the book on the web site, look under “browse all categories” and click on Social Communications Resources.

Here’s a description of the book. We are currently working on “Lights, Camera…Faith: The Beatitudes and Seven Deadly Sins.” Publication date has not yet been set.

This is a great book for Lent and catechesis/religious education and scripture study. The Foreword is by Micheal Flaherty, the president of Walden Media that just co-produced “The Chronicles of Narnia” with Disney.

Blessings to all~


Lights, Camera…Faith!
The Ten Commandments

Rose Pacatte, FSP and Peter Malone, MSC

Enliven your study of the Christian faith by discovering movies as a moral laboratory.

In this volume of Lights, Camera…Faith!, Rose Pacatte, FSP and Peter Malone, MSC, offer an exciting approach to adult faith formation by creating a dialogue between Scripture, the Ten Commandments, and film. By exploring the drama of the moral life through movies, Lights, Camera…Faith! The Ten Commandments grapples with the reality of temptation, choices, motivation, and consequences, and the faith-filled and informed Christian response to life’s situations. Three movies are offered for each commandment, providing material for different viewers: a film appropriate for a general adult audience, a film with themes calling for more in-depth discussion, and a film that treats more difficult issues.

With fresh insight into God’s covenant of love, this is a valuable resource for catechetical leaders, adult faith-formation programs, parish discussion groups, young adult groups, film educators and professionals—and anyone who appreciates deeper meaning in movies.

  • Movie synopsis
  • Film commentary
  • Film dialogue with the Scriptures and the Decalogue
  • Points for reflection and conversation
  • Suggested prayers
  • Cross-references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Complete index

“Peter Malone and Rose Pacatte once again bring film and faith together with their customary spiritual integrity and biblical wisdom.”
–James M. Wall, Senior Contributing Edtior,
The Christian Century Magazine, Chicago

Paperback / 360 pages / Dimensions: 7″ x 9″ / ISBN: 0819845205
Retail Price: $29.95

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  1. Hi Sr. Rose,

    I had the pleasure of attending your two workshops this past weekend at the Santa Rosa Congress (I was the one who told you the story about what happened when I played "About a Boy" at our parish's summer movie series last year).  I bought all four books but haven't had a chance to look at them yet.  You did mention you would email some movies that had good scenes depicting the sacraments, so I could use them in RCIA.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

    Laura Gonzalez

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