Lucky me! My journey home from Thailand (SIGNIS meeting)

I arrived home from the SIGNIS World Congress last Saturday night and am just getting to the end of jetlag – I hope!


It was a great meeting and a wonderful trip home. My reflection on the journey is on my NCReporter Blog: Lucky Me!

President of SIGNIS questions church commitment to communications


Here is my blog entry about SIGNIS first days: Catholic professional questions church commitment to communication

Yesterday was a good day, too, and I hope to post something later today. Blessings!

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You may have noticed I have not been posting to my blog recently. This is because I am on the road… on a wonderful journey of communication and communio in Singapore and Thailand. I spent 9 days in Singapore with our Sisters and the Association of Pauline Cooperators for several workshops on media literacy and faith formation and cinema and spirituality. Wonderful (though really, really hot and humid!).

I am now in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the World Congress for Catholic Communication: SIGNIS. The theme is CHILDREN’S RIGHTS: TOMORROW’S PROMISE.

You can follow on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like (lots of photos, including the visit to the elephant reserve yesterday!):

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Fr. Peter Malone, MSH (Lights, Camera, Faith!) and Theresa Khoo, a Pauline Cooperator from Singapore

Fr. Peter Malone, MSH (Lights, Camera, Faith!) and Theresa Khoo, a Pauline Cooperator from Singapore

Peter will be giving a workshop on Asian Cinema and Spirituality…

Watch this space!

Sr. Rose’s My Movies Weblog about to reach 100,000 hits in a year!



I will be flying over the Pacific to Singapore when the magic 100,000 is reached and I will be praying for all visitors and readers. Blessings and thanks for visiting!

Sr Rose

I started this blog about a year ago (when AOL closed down its Journal service) and it has received, as of this moment, just under 100,000 hits! thank you for your visits!

Introduction to Media Literacy set to begin Oct 24 – online course University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation


The University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation Home Pagevlcff

Click here to go directly to the VLC Course list; click on Introduction to media Literacy

Check it out!

Shakespeare the Bard of Rome? or Shakespeare and the Catholic question


There was a fascinating article in AMERICA a couple of weeks ago: The Bard of Rome: Shakespeare and the Catholic Question by Kathleen Doherty Fenty of Boston College.

Fenty gives a historical account of the debate about Shakespeare’s religious affiliation and brings it up to date. But what I like about her piece (and would love to read more about this topic) is what she says about drama vis-a-vis sermons:

“The theater seeks to entertain, preparing the heart and mind for reflection, while the purpose of sermons is to preach and instruct. Drama is never a sermon. And this would apply to the portrayal of Shakespeare as a proselytizing Protestant, papist renegade or atheist subversive. When ideology reduces a living drama to apologetics, voices of protest will inevitably be raised.”

And often, I contend, the message is lost on the unexpecting audience (and word will spread) but the choir (already converted) will appreciate the message because it reassures them.

This tension continues to exist between what people expect from films and television, for example, and what is produced. 

I hear the voice of Flannery O’Connor in this article… her spirit lives.

Anthony de Mello, SJ,  once wrote: “My friends, that the shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.'”

Thank you, Dr. Fenty.

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