Final Project & Paper Media Literacy Certificate Course

  1. Electronic presentation
  2. 20 minutes
  3. Audience: kids, parents, or teachers about media mindfulness/media literacy
  4. One aspect that appeals to you and that you can “own” and do well
  5. What is the one main idea you want the audience to come away with? The onion
  6. What are 3 supporting ideas? Unpeel the onion
  7. Start at the end and work backward
  8. How to integrate these into a book fair
  9. Say  what you are going to say or demonstrate, do it, repeat it; ask them to take a moment and write down what they want to remember

Use positive language

Avoid emotional “hot button” words

Base yourself on what you “know” not on what you or they think might be true, or “common sense”


Please compare and contrast the films WITNESS and TERMINATOR II. They share several themes; so identify some of them and compare and contrast how the films approach these films. Use your own criteria, film analysis, as well as the Media Mindfulness strategy.
500 words (2 pages, double spaced) or more.

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