Sister Rose’s blog reaches 500,000 hits today

Since I moved my blog to WordPress on October 5, 2008 I never dreamed of 500.000 hits or page views. In this day of YouTube videos getting a million hits in a day or an hour, this half million in three years eight months, an average of 300 hits a day with 2,900 in one day in 2010, does not seem like much in the virtual scheme of things. Yet it provides me with a motive of thanksgiving for the Internet and the gift of communication between God’s people the world over and who knows? Maybe the universe. (We don’t know who might be listening, do we?)

WordPress sent me an analysis of that best day: March 9, 2010

Thank you for your visit, your time, your interest. Be assured of my prayers.


Scholarship, Religion, Activism Conference at UCLA February 26, 2012

The Eyes Have It: The Truth about Fast Forwarding in Boston College Magazine


Be sure to take a look at this article by Sue Rardin about research regarding brand recognition/retention resulting from fast forwarding enabled by TiVo and DVR’s through television commercials:

The Eyes Have It: The Truth about Fast-Forwarding

Here is an excerpt from the article assessing the research of S. James Brasel and James Gips:

“Equally significant for advertisers, the research showed that all who witnessed fast-forwarding—whether they controlled it or not—focused almost exclusively on the screen’s central area when they watched. “We were amazed,” Brasel says. They “just moved their eyes to the center of the screen and then didn’t move them away.

“This focus did not necessarily translate into brand recognition. On a questionnaire completed after the program, fast-forwarders were far less successful than regular-speed viewers at identifying which brands had been shown. But for all three groups, ads in which brand information appeared in the middle of the screen achieved greatest recognition. This was especially true for manual fast-forwarders.”