Combined grad programs in media, culture, religion



I am often asked about graduate programs in media, media literacy, culture, and religion. Here are some programs that I am aware of. This is not an endoresement – except for the Unviersity of London’s Institute of Education where I received my MA in Education in Media Studies in 1995. The program does not have a theological component, however. I went there for the media (literacy) education focus and though challenging, I loved the program and the school (faculty and international students; several of us keep in touch still.)

This list is only a starting point for those of you seeking degrees in these combined areas.

Catholic University of America

Center for Media Religion and Culture   

 Boston College The Institute for Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry (not sure if they have a focus on media but it would be worthwhile to inquire

University of Edinburgh (Scotland) School of Divinity: Religion and Media

University of Southern California: Media and Religion  

University of London-Institute of Education (a state university so no theological component) The degree title changed since I was there but content is directed toward media literacy education (and other areas)

My colleague Nick Pernisco of the Communications department at Santa Monica College and UC Northridge wrote: “I highly recommend the  USC Annenburg for their MA and PhD programs. Other programs I’ve felt compelling are those at Columbia and at the University of Texas at Austin.”

If you have more suggestions, please post them.

Thank you!!

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  1. Many thanks, Sr. Rose. This is very good and comprehensive information. I also saw some media courses in NYU which looked interesting.

    May God bless you always in all your endeavors.

    In Christ’s peace,
    Pauline Cooperator – Manhattan

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