What I’m Watching on TV

January, 2006


As you know, I am a media literacy education specialist and the film/TV columnist for St. Anthony Messenger (www.americancatholic.org).


To me it is very important to be tuned in to the shows a significant number of people are watching. Sometimes I review shows because they are new; at other times, because they are significant; and at other times because I just like them.


My favorite ads right now: California Cows are happy so they make good cheese (well, you know what I mean; I also watch ADM ads – interesting how they think they are running the world, that they have the answers for things to come…)


So here’s what I am watching right now:


One * means I really like the show and if it’s on too late, I TiVo it and watch it later; screen it for clips I can use in media literacy workshops along with the ads.


Two ** means I like the show butI don’t watch it consistently; I wait for the reruns if it’s on at the same time as another show I’d rather record.


Top Five – Even if I miss all the rest, I try to see these on a consistent basis.


I watch Jeopardy whenever I can and always American Idol with some of the other sisters just for fun; but I don’t TiVo either of these and if I miss them, I miss them. Don’t care for reality shows except sometimes I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.



Meet the Press* (top five)

60 Minutes**

Cold Case **

The West Wing* (Must find out who will be the next President; the show dipped and has picked up again; I do like it.)

Desperate Housewives* (top five)

Grey’s Anatomy* (top five)<o:p>

Crossing Jordan**



Seventh Heaven**

CSI Miami**

Medium* (though I hope people don’t get confused and actually go and consult a medium which is contrary to the first commandment, this is good television; well written, riveting stories)




Gilmore Girls**

Commander in Chief* (top five) (I like the idea of how a woman sees the world and handles conflict)

Surface** (Ah, now we are creating our own aliens to be afraid of; but original)

House** (Did not care for it at first, but there have been some very good shows about this really flawed person)

Bones** (I like the books on which the show is based; don’t see it very often)

Law & Order SVU**

Veronica Mars* (Nancy Drew film-noir for high school; smart; not a perfect teen show, but they aren’t watching it anyway; the big demographic: guys, 18 -35. Check out the ads that run with this show… )



Criminal Minds** (Mandy Patinkin is one of my favorite actors and he’s always quoting a philosopher, poet, writer… Interesting)

Lost** (If you wait, they’ll re-run and re-cap everything; but good)

E-Ring** (I don’t like the self-righteous premise of the show but I watch it because of this)

Law & Order**

Invasion** (More things to be afraid of!!)

Everybody Hates Chris** (I hear you Chris; I’ve been there; the put-upon eldest sibling…)




Without a Trace* (my number 1 show for three years now; as a friend of mine once told me: this is a show with a consistent Good Shepherd theme)



Numb3ers* This is in 6th place… Though I don’t like math, I find the show fascinating and … intelligent as the universe.

Close to Home** (Prosecutor Barbie is turning out to be rather good…)

In Justice* (If this can continue and get better, it may move to the top part of my list; we have so many shows that put people IN JAIL; ah, now one that gets them out. How’s that for refreshing – also a fine social justice element working here…)

Book of Daniel – ? Well, we will just have to see what the writers do with it.





Other shows I have watched and liked, TNT’s The Closer, Dancing with the Stars. I found F/X Nip/Tuc and Rescue Me  to be excellent television with very Christian themes, though rather raw at times; they have conscience. In case you are wondering if I watch sports; sure. The Olympics whenever they are on, ice skating and tennis when I have time. I also think the Antique Roadshow, PBS, is always, always interesting. The Shield and Prison Break: I tried, but too tense for me. Bernie Mac, George Lopez, Faith & Hope (border line) are pretty good, too, but only catch them once in awhile. Comedies are difficult though; they can be really funny but skuzzy, e.g. Two and a Half Men. I like Scrubs, but this season didn’t start off too well. My Name is Earl: there is so much you can say about this show; I don’t watch it consistently, but it has a lot of heart to go along with the white trash couture. Don’t like the OC even though everybody watches it; tedious. What happened to Everwood?

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