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“Game Change” focuses plenty on Palin but lacks punch

(c) HBO

HBO film ‘Game Change’ focuses plenty on Palin, but lacks punch

by Sr. Rose Pacatte on Mar. 08, 2012

“Game Change”
9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST Saturday, March 10, HBO

In August 2007, the media pundits were after Republican presidential candidate John McCain (Ed Harris), and he hated being their target. He brought in experienced strategist Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson) to take over the senior staff position on his campaign, shaking up the team then headed by campaign manager Rick Davis (Peter McNicol) and including Mark Salter (Jamie Sheridan) and Mark Wallace (Ron Livingston), with Fred Davis (Bruce Altman) as image consultant.

When the primaries were over and McCain was the de facto Republican nominee, he had yet to choose a vice presidential running mate before the Democratic convention in August 2008. The team floated Sen. Joe Lieberman (a miscast, goofy-looking Austin Pendleton), but choosing him, according to Schmidt, was “the right thing to do but the wrong thing to win.” Schmidt tells McCain and staff that they needed a “game changer,” which meant they had to do four things: win back the independents, excite the base, create distance from the Bush administration and close the gender gap with women. Unless they could regain at least 15 percent of the 20 percent disapproval rate for McCain with women, they had no chance at winning the White House.

Rick Davis does an Internet search for female Republicans holding office, because they didn’t really have anyone in mind. He discovers Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (Julianne Moore), and is riveted by her charisma. She’s pro-life, a devout Christian, mother of five and likes to moose hunt. “A woman with a gun,” Davis says. “The base will love her.”

                                          Julianne Moore as a thoughtful Sarah Palin above and at the Republican convention in HBO’s “Game Change”
                                                                                     premiering Saturday, March 10, 9pm (photo: HBO)
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 Photo: HBO

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Meet the Sisters – a music video about the Daughters of St. Paul

Sr Tracy Dugas, FSP, and friends made this for our annual dinner-dance fundraiser held last Saturday night at St. Augustine’s in Culver City. Enjoy! (Have we got talent, or what?)

Here are the lyrics:

Original Song written by Patrick Dwyer and Sr. Tracey Dugas Sung by Patrick Dwyer Background Vocals by Sr. Tracey Dugas

The Pauline Family Song

Now Sister Rose she always knows about the latest movies YO and writes reviews excessively about faith hope and charity

Jeopardy just seems to be where she lets out anxiety she may not see ‘tween you and me thats where she tests OUR charity

Uh, oh, uh oh, uh oh

And when we see Sr Hosea we can guess just what shell saya writin books that cannot wait-a, plus shes tryin to graduate

Uh, oh, uh oh, uh oh

Chorus Oh Gee cant you see that were a blessed community and God can use diversity to make this Pauline Family

Now Sister Lupes originally a California girl you see so she can go both near and far bringing Gods Word in a car She organizes book exhibits cause St. Paul would never qui-its

Uh, oh, uh oh, uh oh

Sister Madonna always wants ta tells others bout Jesus on a Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and a when she needs to chill she bakes a cake or rolls and we’re all gonners oh, uh oh

Uh, oh, uh oh, uh oh

Chorus Oh Gee cant you see that were a blessed community and God can use diversity to make this Pauline Family aaaa eee oo, a e i o u.

Sister Tracey talks and sings about the whole discernment thing she also lives artistically but most of all she talks and talks and talks and talks and talk and wont shut up

Uh, oh, uh oh, uh oh

Chorus Oh Gee cant you see that were a blessed community and God can use diversity to make this Pauline Family aaaa eee oo, a e i o u.

Sister Maria Josephs been around the most and knows and prays for everybody here and as we know shes got a phone and not afraid to use it in a chair or on the stair in fact shell use it anywhere.

Uh, oh, uh oh, uh oh

We always know when Sister Jos around because her birds will go Makes sure that we all work together in our evangelization efforts

Uh, oh, uh oh, uh oh

So the last but not the least is Sister Jennifer and shes the new addition of the nuns at Pauline Books & Media she’s lovin’ California and can’t wait to meet all of ya so come down, come down, come on come on down

so this ends our little story but dont you be in such a hurry weve one thing left to ask of you and yep you guessed it, yes, its money

Oh gee cant you see that youre part of our family, so please support our ministry cause we need help financially

(Oh yeah we pulled that one on you! God bless!)

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