“Brothers” and “Bandslam” to receive Gabriel Awards

Jim Sheridan's taunt family drama about two brothers, one a felon recently out of jail, and one an Army officer in Iraq. Relationships. Choices. Family. And the terror of war.

45th Annual Gabriel Awards to Brothers; Bandslam; Gifted Hands; KNOM Radio (Alaska); WWJ-AM Radio (Southfield, MI); and CatholicTV (Watertown, MA); receive station honors; Univision KTVW Channel 33 (Phoenix) and EWTN honored for Spanish-language programming

The Gabriel Award winners for 2010 have been announced. This year’s honorees include two motion pictures, fourteen television programs, ten radio programs and four Spanish-language television programs. The annual awards are presented to film, television and radio programs and a distinguished individual whose body of work nourish and uplifts the human spirit. One religious radio and one television station and one secular radio are also honored as “Station of the Year.”

The Gabriels, presented by the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals, honor industry professionals who produce films, television and radio programs, features and spot announcements that serve viewers and listeners through the positive, creative treatment of human concerns.

This year’s winners include broadcasters from across the United States and Canada – recognizing achievements produced for national release as well as for markets 1-25 and 26+.  A Gabriel-worthy program affirms the dignity of human beings and recognizes and upholds universally-recognized human values such as community, creativity, tolerance, justice, compassion and the dedication to excellence. (A complete list of winners is attached.)

Each year a Station of the Year Award is presented to a radio and television station recognized for their community service.  This year’s Religious Radio Station of the Year Gabriel goes to KNOM Radio, Nome, Alaska. This is the 18th year KNOM has been honored with the award. The station serves one of the most remote regions of the North American continent, providing information, education, and public service programming to Indian and Eskimo villages.  This year’s Religious Television Station of the Year Gabriel goes to CatholicTV, Watertown, MA.  Secular Radio Station of the Year goes to WWJ-AM Radio in Southfield, MI.


The 2010 Gabriel Award film winners are: Drama – “Brothers”, Lionsgate and Family − “Bandslam” Walden Media.

Gabriel competition takes place in 21 television categories, 18 radio categories, 20 Spanish-language (10 Television and 10 Radio) and 3 Film (1 Drama, 1 Family, and 1 Documentary) categories in the Gabriel competition, but a Gabriel is not awarded in a category when the standard of Gabriel excellence is lacking.  Judges may also award Certificates of Merit to programs considered worthy of special recognition.  Eight Certificates of Merit have been announced in this year’s judging.

The Gabriel award is a nine-inch silver figure of Gabriel, the angel who first announced to Mary of Nazareth (and to the world) the coming of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). The statue symbolizes the communication of God’s Word to humankind.

The members of the Catholic Academy include broadcasters, journalists, producers, syndicators, public relations and other media professionals who work for both Church-related and secular radio and television stations, production facilities and communications organizations.

Music makes life easier for the new kid in school, as teens face teen, family and life issues.

Sister Rose’s reviews of Brothers and BandSlam

Gabriel Awards 2009 Call for Entries deadline

If you are a TV, radio, or film producer (for network, cable, satellite and films in theatrical release) please note that March 11, 2009 is Gabriel Award Call for Entries deadline.

If you have seen a TV program, film, or heard a radio broadcast, that you think is deserving of a Gabriel, please feel free to forward this information to the studio or producer. The studio or producer submits the entry.

The Gabriel Awards are very prestigious and acknowledge human and Gospel values in media stories.

Please visit http: //home.catholicweb.com/GabrielAwards/ for information and submission forms.

The Gabriel Awards have been around since 1965 for radio and TV; film was added in 2000 (even though the masthead on the website doesn’t say film, film is now a major part of the awards.)

For information on the sponsoring organization, visit http://CatholicAcademy.org


Lincoln Heights ABCFamily Wins Gabriel Award

gabriel_medallionAmong several communication and media groups that I belong to is the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals (www.catholicacademy.org). Since 1972 the organization has been recognizing and awarding TV and radio shows, and more recently, film through the Gabriel Awards (for all of this year’s winners visit http://home.catholicweb.com/GabrielAwards/).





The Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals is the US affiliate of SIGNIS (www.SIGNIS.net), the Vatican-approved world organization for communication.





ABCFamily just recognized the award for Lincol Heights on their blog here; the lovely cast and producer attended the event at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles in October.



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