Influence of the Digital Age on Faith Formation

For Youth Ministers, Parish Catechetical Leaders, Catechists , Volunteers and Parents

Monday, April 20, 2009

SF Pastoral Center, One Peter Yorke Way,

San Francisco, CA 94109



As teachers, parents and catechists, we minister in a

world of facebook, meebo, cell phones and Iming. 

How do we teach our children critical awareness


How do we engage as disciples and ministers?

What is a responsible use of technology? 

How do we deal with leisure time and how does this influence catechesis, education, and building community?



“The Influence of the



Digital Age on



 Faith Formation”




Sr Rose Pacatte, FSP 




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What color are Jesus’ eyes?


I jsut came back from visiting the Diocese of Shreveport, LA where I presented two seminars: one on media mindfulness to parents and teachers at St. John Berchman’s cathedral and another on the influence of digital culture on faith formation on the diocesan level. What a lovely diocese. it was an inspiration to meet, as I so often experience, people who are truly invested in their faith and ministries. It was an inspiration! And not without its funny moments!

Here are two stories that seminar participants shared with us:

A first grade teacher told us that she that she had assigned her students the task of drawing a picture of Jesus. One little guy raised his hand and asked: “What color were Jesus’ eyes?” Rather than get into a discussion, she responded, “Well, no one is really certain….” And her student replied, “Well, could you please google it because I would like to be sure.”


Then another teacher told about showing her class a picture of someone typing on a typewriter and she asked the student “What is the man doing?” The girl replied after a moment. “Oh, he is texting on paper.”

Teaching Media Literacy Education via SKYPE!

Virtual learning: teaching media literacy via SKYPE!

Virtual learning: teaching media literacy via SKYPE!

I had the honor of being a “Virtual Guest Lecturer (via Skype) for Dr. Stephanie Flores-Khoulish’s class RE 601 Media Literacy Education” at Loyola College in Baltimore this past Saturday morning. This is the third time I have done this kind of distance teaching/learning and I recommend it! Thanks, Steph, to you and your students, for this opportunity.

A Vision of the Future


A Vision of the Future from Carmelina Films on Vimeo.

Daniel Cubas has been blind since childhood, but this hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passions and following his dreams. This documentary follows Daniel as he discusses his successes and roadblocks on his journey to achieving his goals. A touching and uplifting story that will surely inspire all who watch it.

2009, 13 minutes

 (Nick Pernisco is a media literacy education colleague and friend who teaches at Santa Monica College and is an instructor for our Advanced Media Literacy Certificate Program here at the Pauline Center for Media Studies. Check out his media literacy and cinema and spirituality docs at Nick’s educational work, as you can see here, is all about access and empowerment. Kudos, Nick!)

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