Robin Hood: The Sword and Magna Carta

In “Robin Hood,” Ridley Scott’s and Russell Crowe epic foray into the time of the crusades, NCR media critic Sr. Rose Pacatte finds an examination of the meaning of our myths, our heroes, and our stories. This is important, she writes, “so we will never give up our passion for life and justice for all.”

Click here for Sr. Rose’s review of Robin Hood


  1. Thank you for a review. Keep it up.

  2. I just wish that the trailer was better… when I watched it, I was expecting it’s going to be the ‘real’ Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest story. The trailer only shows bow and arrow action and that’s not just who Robin Hood is.

  3. Actually no one really knows who Robin Hood was. Which legend (Hollywood or otherwise) do you prefer?

  4. Nice movie

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