CSI Miami “Bad Seed” Episode October 20


Did you catch the October 20th episode of CSI Miami? You can watch it online at  Bad Seed CSI Miami

After seeing the film “Food, Inc.” earlier this year, I found the plot of this film, about genetic messing with corn, a little challenging to follow from the science angle, but I liked it because it dealt with something consumers need to be aware of: agribusiness is messing with our food supply and we do not know the long-term consequences of this on human beings or the environment.

The response of the business owners in the episode is an indictment of consumers: we don’t ask questions; we don’t care where our food comes from; we just want it.

Do you agree?

I found an interesting website when looking for  information for this episode: Agriculture in Popular Culture. The blogger takes on this episode, but I found his critique confusing as well and asked him to break it down for us pop culture consumers with high school science backgrounds. Check it out…

James and the Giant Corn Blog

PS I am not happy that they wrote Eric out of the show.