Worst of the Worst of the Decade says Rotten Tomatoes



Worst of the Worst says Rotten Tomatoes 

Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever took top dishonors on Rotten Tomatoes list.

See if you agree witht Rotten Tomatoe’s take on the worst 100 films. Of these I have seen about 12; and not all were as bad as all that , e.g. All about Steve (2009). OK, it was pretty bad but it had its moments. It could have been, and for the talent, time, and money, should have been, a much better movie.

The reason I don’t make up worst film lists is because sometimes someone will be touched or moved or even encouraged by some aspect of a poorly made film.  It is hard to find people who appreciate Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) , for example. But I know that this film touched one life so profoundly that it saved the person – who was a child. Sister Act  (1992) is another film that was reviled early on but has become a classic for its good heart and fun.

I really like what Rotten Tomatoes’ Editor-in-chief Atchity has to say about the role of critics – how they can give a boost to small movies. To me, small movies are among the best, for example the 2005 Adam’s Apples (Adams Aebler). I don’t think my review boosted it very much but what a great little film.

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