Mad Men: Manhattan Gothic (America magazine)


madmen-300America magazine’s October issue has an excellent review of Mad Men through the lens of Flannery O’Connor: Mad Men and the Shock of Recognition by Terrance W. Klein;


The article begins:

Flannery O’Connor explained the grotesquery of her characters and plot twists by saying that the subject of her fiction was “the action of grace in territory held largely by the devil.” She felt her characters and plots needed to be distorted to the point of the surreal to produce in the reader a “shock” of recognition. O’Connor’s stories each contain “an action that is totally unexpected, yet totally believable,” often an act of violence, like the murder of the cantankerous and haughty grandmother in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” or the self-blinding of Hazel Motes in Wise Blood. Violence, she said, is “the extreme situation that best reveals what we are essentially.” We are meant to see in her stories our need for grace.


Worst of the Worst of the Decade says Rotten Tomatoes



Worst of the Worst says Rotten Tomatoes 

Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever took top dishonors on Rotten Tomatoes list.

See if you agree witht Rotten Tomatoe’s take on the worst 100 films. Of these I have seen about 12; and not all were as bad as all that , e.g. All about Steve (2009). OK, it was pretty bad but it had its moments. It could have been, and for the talent, time, and money, should have been, a much better movie.

The reason I don’t make up worst film lists is because sometimes someone will be touched or moved or even encouraged by some aspect of a poorly made film.  It is hard to find people who appreciate Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) , for example. But I know that this film touched one life so profoundly that it saved the person – who was a child. Sister Act  (1992) is another film that was reviled early on but has become a classic for its good heart and fun.

I really like what Rotten Tomatoes’ Editor-in-chief Atchity has to say about the role of critics – how they can give a boost to small movies. To me, small movies are among the best, for example the 2005 Adam’s Apples (Adams Aebler). I don’t think my review boosted it very much but what a great little film.