“The Wizard of Oz” 70th Anniversary screenings

Update from the LA Times March 9, 2010 click here

From Cynopsis newsletter September 9, 2009:


Classic film The Wizard of Oz is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and Warner Home Video and Turner Classic Movies will host a new hi-def restoration of the film at approximately 450 movies theaters nationwide on September 23, per Multichannel News. The one-time only event precedes the release of freshly remastered Blu-ray and DVD editions of the film.


Nothing will ever take away the memory of the absolute terror of seeing those flying monkeys on television from behind my mom’s big green chair in our living room. I was about seven years old and hid behind the chair when the lady on the bicycle took Toto! Flying monkeys win the movie all time terror award! Earlier this year I had the opportunity to tape a brief interview for a  Pre-Oscar Montage directed by Bennett Miller (Capote) in the very sound studio on the Sony (former MGM) lot here in Culver City. Shudder!

UPDATE (May 2, 2010) from http://www.Parade.com/celebrity:

Here is some info on how many film versions of the Wizard of Oz have been produced:

1939 – with Judy Garland

1925 – silent version, starring Oliver Hardy

1910 – silent The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (based on the 1902 stage musical co-written by the book’s author, L/ Frank Baum

For a list of screen adaptations click here

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  1. I have a sister that is absoloutely OBSESSED with the wiz. of oz!

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