Media Literacy Certificate Class at Sony Studios


Students from Chicago, Philadelphia, Delaware, Singapore, Dallas, Rome, Orange County enjoyed the 2 1/2 walking tour of Sony Studios right down the street from the PCMS.

It was an excellent, intense, and full week. But I think I can say that a good time was had by all…. and we all learned so much. Blessings to all those who made this week possible for us!

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  1. Sister Rose’s course was outstanding. All through the class my mind exploded with creativie ideas. I envisioned teaching students with the aid of film and music clips, as well as getting a blog site up and running. What a refreshing alterative to LECTURING!!

    After the class I came home and started building a PowerPoint presentation directed to teachers. The presentation contains examples of how to get students actively engaged in learning and living their Christian faith in a way that is interesting to them. I plan to change my classroom role to more of a participant in the group, as opposed to being “the teacher,” (less one-way communication and more group discovery and interaction).

    I believe the fall semester will be a much more enriching one for our Confirmation students. Sister Rose’s course has answered a question that has been gnawing at me for some time now, and that is: How do you teach religion and make it interesting? I guess the answer is:

    Dude, wait till next semester. You’re gonna love it dawg!!!

    Thank you sister Rose.


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