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  1. Ruby

    You were such an inspiration on your first show, you brought to light the whole cycle of obesity. The shunning of people towards overweight people, the constant yo-yo weight loss weight gain, the shame, and lifetime fight that we go through. I have been overweight all my life, but after my one and only child was born, I became morbidly obese (God I hate that label…it sounds so vulger to me). But it is the bare truth. I have tried every diet, exercise plan,,, I too have family history of obesity. We have many obsessive compulsive diseases in my family. Alcoholism is another which I am glad that I dont have. Sometimes though, I think that may be easier, because alchoholics seem to be more readily accepted in our society. You cant always tell an alcoholic by looking at them…obesity is not easy to hide! Anyway, I just love you for all you have accomplished…I give you high praise and deep respect. Bless you, and continue on your are almost there! And continue to love yourself…I love your bubbly attitude! Best of luck in season 2 …you are my inspiration

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