Ruby returns to Style

Ruby Gettinger TLC network

Ruby Gettinger TLC network

Now that Ruby Gettinger has returned to the Style Network  for Season 2 of her amazing life-changing story, I wanted to direct you to the interview I did with her last year. She is a lovely woman with a story of courage. Weight-loss is a challenge but it is possible.
As a Jenny Craig-er myself who has fallen off the wagon but am now back on … 1.6 lbs off this week… the consultant reminded me: 6 sticks of butter gone! (When you say it like that….) I love the sign in the restroom at the Jenny Craig center: Progress … not perfection. Amen.
Anyway, this is Ruby’s story. Be inspired!


  1. Dear Ruby,
    Hey honey, I have been watching you for some time now the fact is I know what you go through each day I used to be 300 lbs I have lost 167 lbs and have kept it off for ten years going up and down changing everything about me to the surgery and more I have paid to take the skin off my Abe now due to a mess up I have to pay 16,000 to fix what he did to my body I cry get upset and pray lots. I guess the struggle of the fact that I will not be the person I was. Well wrong I have two children single mother go to school, track and field silver and gold blue ribbon long jump, and now training cause the only thing I want to do train to figure skating and win one more metal, but this time not as a special Olympian but as I am right now and to raise the money to donate to the special Olympics. I love jazz, fine wines classic music working out spending my time with rickee who has gone through the same Wight thing at 15 she is sad eats loves and needs mommy.
    The thing I have gone through:
    • The death of my Sister’s
    • Marriage Abuse
    • Family Abuse
    • Sex Abuse
    • The death of my son a 4 years old
    • The death of man I was in love with
    • The Death of Friends
    • Stripping to make money
    • Accused of being something I am not
    • Family manipulation and flawed lies
    • Defending a sex offender
    • Positive NOW ————————————–My play that has been Awarded out of Seattle WA
    • The Writer and producer of the Knight and Qupid charity plays Kristine M Ledord –
    • Besk for children with special Needs Now in Ashland Or. The hope of being able to work with Local Ballet Departments & Symphony In the hope of a very large production here , I am also working with the Dean of Students and her interview on the
    • Committee as a public speaker for the students, silver and Gold Medalist, Blue Ribbon long jumper.
    • Winner into the world best poetry Book with Oprah Winfrey show 1999.
    • The help from all local producers towards the development and production of The
    • Knight and Qupid play here in Southern Oregon(Pray )
    • Playing the cello for the Ashland Symphony and rising to a challenge
    • The director of a large children origination that is to soon change the lives of children all over the world with health ,mind ,body ,Life ,loving them self ,learning how to treat them self with neurological Disorders basic education ,sports ,theater , clothing line , now I am sad cause I’m in need of my last surgery and money is bad so I pray.
    • A family restaurant to Attach to the foundation for children and need a building I feel as I am failing bad.. but if you ever need a ear someone to sing to you pop me a E-mail and would love to get together and meet you and work off the last 35 pounds or myspace you can look up the place I want to buy and more for the world children Annette M. Wilson you will see the foundation logs pics and more .

    Good luck god bless
    Kristine M. Ledford Besk

  2. Haley would say ruby be cool good Job…..
    keep going SO we forgot my ex mother in law is at 700 lb mark what would you say to our grandma ,her daughter is over the 300 how would you as a speaker for not just your self but as a person in the place you are Right Now ?

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