“Imagine That” and June movie reviews



Author Ann Rice is the cover story for St. Anthony Messenger, June 2009

Author Anne Rice is the cover story for St. Anthony Messenger, June 2009.

 Shadows and Light: the Faith Journey of Anne Rice

by Kristen West McGuire



IMAGINE THAT is a funny parable about dads being released just on time for Fathers Day. Check out my reviews of IMAGINE THAT and other films by clicking on the link below

Eye on Entertainment June 2009 Imagine That, Departures, American Violet, State of Play, Two Lovers, Monsters vs. Aliens & Knowing


  1. Why not all movie review said this film great? I watch this movies twice, one in cinema and other one by watch it online.

    The film “magine That” created by Karey Kirkpatrick has a message that teaches us a moral, but not presented in vain, and Eddie Murphy (I must admit) great perform in this film.

    this is good to watch Imagine That together with family including your kid as this movie is safe for childern.

  2. Couldnt be more true.

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