“The Cupcake Abides” L.A. Times article today

L. A. Times photo of SPRINKLES cupcake shop in Beverly Hills, CA

So, why, all of a sudden, am I blogging about food?

Because we have a most excellent dentist (!)  who sends us a dozen cupcakes every once in awhile to thank us for recommending new patients to him. These are mostly  new nuns assigned to our community who arrive in need of care and/or maintenance; these are easy recommendations to make for such a lovely thank you gift.

We honestly don’t think he is trying to drum up more business by sending us confections because we brush and floss faithfully!

The first time the dentist (and his secretary) sent the cupcakes they came from CRUMBS somewhere near the Fairfax district (though they are on both coasts; the location part of their website doesn’t seem to be working). They were very large and extremely delicious.

Yesterday, the dentist sent both Sr. Bernardine and I a dozen each (!) from SPRINKLES Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. What a surprise! It is so nice to receive an unexpected gift. Light, chocolate cream filled, coconut, cream cheese frostings. A hundred pounds on the hips but such sweetness on the lips. Needless to say, we shared them with any and all who visited us at our Pauline Book & Media Center in Culver City (www.PaulinesSoCal.wordpress.com) yesterday, including our co-workers whose eyes glaze over today in memory….

Jenny Craig went screaming from the convent, of course. She’s still screaming. Sorry, Jenny. Bless me, for I have really indulged.

So today Sr. Frances was reading the L.A. Times and lo and behold, what does she find but a feature article about… cupcakes and the many places you can find them in the L.A. area in particular.

Here’s the link to the story: The Cupcake Abides Los Angeles Times June 3, 2009

The article says that Sprinkles sells about 1,000 cupcakes per day. That people line up down the street (see the photo in the story).

So that this can at least be an attempt at objectivity, the one cupcake to avoid is the peanut butter chocolate chip. This one is way over the top. I am glad it was the last half of the last half of the last cupcake that I tasted so I can remember the heavenly ones that came before!

Bless you good doctor and Marsha! (By the way, we found the dentist through 1-800-DENTIST almost two years ago. You know those commercials…)