American Idol Finale: Go Adam!


Update Click here for 2010 American Idol: Go Crystal!

I think Adam won the night although, overall, this finale program was very limp and underwhelming (and Simon dressed up!) Judge Kara Dioguardi’s song (co-written) “No Boundaries” was really sad. To decide this competition, I hope that voters completely disregarded this song. If Adam couldn’t save it, it is unsalvageable.

Adam Lambert has been my favorite for many weeks and I still believe Adam is the best. This doesn’t mean he will win tonight with votes, but he is a winner just the same. I am in awe of his talent. What a gift.


Kris Allen is very sweet (I bet he hates that people say this) and, yes, he is talented. He has a real 80’s Christian pop music vibe and I am sure he will have an enduring audience. Danny is talented, and don’t get me started on Allison and the others in the top 12. Mostly wonderful. Can’t wait until Adam and Allison release their first album together.

This has been a great year, as the judges have said.

Yet, the American Idol machine made it very challenging for both these artists last night. Each contestant picked his own first song, and no matter what the judges said, Adam won that one. Simon Fuller’s choice for Adam was fine, but it was unexciting and Kris’ was a flatliner. They would have done better if they had talked about song choice so at least one of the songs for each could have the potential to have been a show-stopper. (Where was Clive Davis? I thought he was going to pick a song for each….)

My advice to the American Idol machine? Go back to the song contest for the AI song of the year. If this is the best the pro’s can do, give it to the amateurs; that is what this show is all about, right? Anything has to be better than “No Boundaries.”

Adam and Kris, you are both winners. Bless you!


  1. Hello Kris I hope you can read this, I just wanted to greet you a belated happy birthday and belated happy father’s day to you. I am an Adam Lambert fanatic but it’s ok for me that you win the competition, co’z I know you are a kind hearted person and a great singer that make’s everybody happy the way you sing and even though Adam did not win the competition at least he made it to the finals:) take care Kris. Love you all. American idol =)

  2. OMG! Kris Allen is the most talented person i know he is sweet funny and America’s sweetheart! I am absolutley in awe of him God sure did give him a talent that was definatley made for singing and he knows for sure how to use it I live in Arkansas as a matter of fact his hometown I listen to his songs and i am best friends with his cousin and I just might get to meet him!!! YAY! In my room i have a WHOLE WALL full of of pictures and news clippings that are all somewhat about Kris! I worship him! He is so talented and sucha a good Christian I am SOOOOOOOOO glad he won! God has blessed him with things more than he ever imagined of. Every week i voted just for Kris more than 1,100 times! NO JOKE i would stay up and vote for hours from the time the lines were open to the time the lines closed! I am so happy he won and may God bless he and his wife throughout their journey of stardom may he bless them with a bond that cannot be broken! I hope they turnout like a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill couple!!! LOL may God bless Kris and cintinue to shower him with blessings!!!

  3. i love adam lambert not chris alen

  4. Adam Lambert is a natural born star, incredible performer. I can’t forget the first and last time I listened to “Mad World” from him. What a show, what avoice what a style it was…For me he is the winner of all times, he is the “idol” if theres one…

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