Franz Jaegerstaetter: A Man of Conscience Screening Invitation


“Franz Jaegerstaetter: A Man of Conscience”

This documentary tells the powerful and moving story of the refusal of Franz Jaegerstaetter, Austrian farmer and father of 4, to serve in the Nazi Army. Franz’ stance came from his Catholic faith. He had to follow his conscience regardless of what his wife, family, towns-people and Church leaders said. Faith and his love of God would be his ultimate guide even to his execution.

Franz Jaegerstaetter was beatified by the Catholic Church in October, 2007.

Filmed on location in St. Radegund, Austria, the film features the voice of Martin Sheen as Franz, and has interviews with Franz’s wife, Franziska, 2 of his daughters, his granddaughter and Bishop Tom Gumbleton.


Date: June 6, 2009

Time: 6PM gather, 6:30 screening, 7PM Q&A, with producer and director.

Location: Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Hall, 10275 Tujunga Canyon Blvd, Tujunga, CA 91042.

You can order a copy of the DVD from Maryknoll Productions