Corpus Christi email rumor is false – but a documentary about it is coming out mid-2011



2011 UPDATE: In mid-2011 a documentary film will be released chronicling a touring production of Terrence McNally’s stage play Corpus Christi. The play does, in fact, depict Jesus Christ as a gay man. However, the film is NOT the play, but a documentary about it. Important distinction.

The documentary film is entitled Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption.

You may want to check out this site that explains Urban Legends, Gay Jesus, Corpus Christi Play, why people react to rumors about subjects that touch their beliefs.


I posted this on April 23, 2009:

For perhaps the 100th time this year a friend has forwarded to me an email that is completely false. “Corpus Christi”, the play by Terrence Mc Nally, is NOT being made into a movie.

I am posting this here because I don’t have time to respond to all the emails….

A media mindful response is to check the sources and the rumor itself ( before you spread an email around.  Truth is not served by spreading rumors.


As St. Ignatius recommended: test the spirit. If he were here today, he might say: test the email. Reflect and research before you hit that send button; this is a service to the community; spreading false rumors helps no one.

Here is what I wrote in another posting Sr Rose Looks at Hollywood:


Urban Legends

I have some wonderful Catholic friends who get excited whenever anything worrisome appears in their email boxes. Before checking out the “rumors” or information, they forward emails to all their friends. In the last six months I have received several emails telling me to sign a petition because Terrence McNally’s play “Corpus Christi”, about a gay Jesus and gay apostles, is going to be released soon as a movie. According to, this rumor has been going around at least since 2000 and it is false. Indeed, there is no mention of it at the Internet Movie Database ( and Google doesn’t turn up anything. I recommend checking out rumors that seek to incite moral panics before passing on misinformation. This is a thoughtful response.


  1. I’m glad I decided to Google ‘Corpus Christi’ before sending the warning on to friends. The idea of such a movie seemed more than a little outrageous to me and, even though it was sent to me by a concerned Catholic friend, that little voice in my mind told me something about it did not seem right. What I will be forwarding is the suggestion to go to and to your site, so that they may reassure themselves that the rumors are false. Thank you for addressing this.

  2. I find your comments interesting and a little short of the mark as I see it. 1. There is a movie or DVD named “Corpus Christi” that was published in 1997. See:
    2. I believe it was John, who was inspired by God, that tells us to test the spirits ( 1John 4 ).
    If you read the reviews of the 4 DVD set, there is question of how accurate the documentary really is. I am wondering if you have seen this study and agree with its findings or just that it does not depict Jesus as gay?

  3. Thank you, but what you refer to is not the Terrence McNally play of the same title made into a film. This is an entirely different “film”. If you check you will see. I only refer to Terrence McNally’s play being made into a film. Therefore, I believe I am on the mark.
    Thank you!

  4. You are correct sisterrose. The movie krw references is a completely different movie altogether. Too bad people can’t check their facts before accusing others of being wrong. It’s important that we as Catholics make sure of our facts before we end up looking silly by passing off bad information as good information.

  5. Thanks for your reflection. I hope others read it, too. You are so right.

  6. thank you for publishing this information. i, too, would rather not forward untruth in my emails. enough devilish things are happening in the world without the burden of rumors added. come to think of it, who actually is the inspire-er of rumors…?

  7. I don’t seem to understand your argument. Is it that the play about a gay Jesus and apostles that is OK and making it into a movies being wrong? The thought of presenting Jesus as gay is an anathema.


  8. The whole point is that there is no movie but people continually pass around false emails saying that there is a movie. There is no movie.If you read this post all the way through I think this is clear. Thank you

  9. Hi SR
    I am a maniac about “testing the email”. Have been for years. I check evrything out as best I can. I say dayum, if I can use Google so can any other lazy Jackass. BUT, we know that peopel Fwd most of this crap becasue it came from someone they know and had no reason to question it.

    They better be careful if they’re offered Kook Aid too.

    Friar LLoyd

  10. Hello, Just wanted to announce the Terrence McNally’s play “Corpus Christi”, which was shown in London, New York City, San Fransisco, and Sydney, Australia. I Checked my facts and here is a Reuter’s Report.
    Gay Jesus play angers Australian church leaders | Lifestyle | Reuters
    Unfortunately, even though a movie supposedly doesn’t exsist, the script for one does!!

    The idea is not so far fetched!!

  11. The false rumor is that the play is being made into a movie. Of course, a script for a play exists, but this is not the same as a screenplay. According to the best urban legend site there is,, this play is NOT being made into a movie. So the idea/rumor is false, as I state here. If it changes, I will post the information when I become aware of it.

  12. I’m glad I checked this out before forwarding.

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