Britain’s Got Talent: Susan Boyle


By now everyone knows the story of this brilliant and gifted singer from Scotland, millions watched the judges for Britain’s Got Talent go from skeptical (if not disrespect) to amazement, and, thankfully, the grace to show it. The audience, too.

YouTube won’t allow the video to be embedded, but here is the link to Susan Boyle sings \”I Dreamed a Dream\” from Les Miz – I watch it, listen to it, over and over because the performance moves me so much – to tears; it is pure inspiration.        Lyrics | Fantine – I Dreamed a Dream lyrics“>

In 1999 Susan boyle recorded Susan Boyle sings \”Cry Me a River\”. So just in case you might think she can only sing one note – or one style, she does the blues very, very well, too.

Isn’t it wonderful … to be surprised?


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  1. “When Susan Boyle sang… the world stood still..”

    Like an angel plucking the string of a harp, her song struck a heart chord that could be felt around the world. When Susan Boyle sang on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, the world stood still. Young and old, successful or struggling, popular or outcast, happy or sad. We were all covered in the same blanket of hope, love, and joy. We all heard the same heart song. With one breath, our potential was unleashed, our perceptions were destroyed, and a new net of dreams were cast over us.

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