April (and March) 2009 Eye on Entertainment Movie Reviews by Sr Rose


Eye on Entertainment Sr. Rose\’s April 2009 Movie Reviews

Confessions of a Shopaholic

The International


Frozen River

Everlasting Moments

He’s Just Not that into You

Eye on Entertainment Sr. Rose\’s March 2009 Movie Reviews

Gran Torino

Seven Pounds

Che (I & II)

Last Chance Harvey

Marley & Me

The Reader

See you at the NCEA April 14-16


Here’s a good idea! If you will be attending the National Catholic Education Association conference this week at the convention center in Anaheim, first visit the booth of the Daughters of St. Paul/Pauline Books & Media (booth #634) where I will be signing books (as will Sr. Armanda Santos who has a beautiful new book out on st. Paul and Art).

You may also want to attend one of my workshops:

Tuesday, April 14

Cinema Divina: shared Praxis and Prayer – Room 304 1:30pm

Navigating Our Media World (with Sr. Gretchen Hailer, RSHM) – Room 304 3:15-4:30

Wednesday, April 15

Character Education and Media Mindfulness (check time and location)

Thursday, April 16


Looking at Dark Materials through the Light

Leaders in the faith community are frequently challenged to critique and judge all kinds of media

because we live in a mediated world. We are asked to make informed, pastoral judgments about media that the faithful then challenge. What’s a librarian or teacher to do when the only constant thing about any media is that they are inconsistent — or are perceived to be? This presentation will consider guidelines and criteria for navigating the media products of our culture in ways

that are consistent with principles of Catholic education and pastoral practice.

A handout will be provided and clips will be integrated into the seminar.

Sponsored by: High School/ Young Adult Library Services Section

Toward Easter with Thomas Merton


In all the situations of life the “will of God” comes to us not merely as an external dictate of impersonal law but above all as an interior invitation of personal love. Too often the conventional conception of “God’s will” as a sphinx-like and arbitrary force bearing down upon us with implacable hostility, leads men to lose faith in a God they cannot find it possible to love. Such a view of the divine will drives human weakness to despair and one wonders if it is not, itself, often the expression of a despair too intolerable to be admitted to conscious consideration. These arbitrary “dictates” of a domineering and insensible Father are more often seeds of hatred than of love. If that is our concept of the will of God, we cannot possibly seek the obscure and intimate mystery of the encounter that takes place in contemplation. We will desire only to fly as far as possible from Him and hide from His Face forever. So much depends on our idea of God! Yet no idea of Him, however pure and perfect, is adequate to express Him as He really is. Our idea of God tell us more about ourselves than about Him.

Thomas Merton, Trappist monk, 1915-1968

Thomas Merton, Trappist monk, 1915-1968

New Seeds of Contemplation

The Song of Sparrows


This lovely, lyrical Iranian film by Magid Magidi (director of the 1998 Oscar nominated film Children of Heaven, 1997) opens today in limited markets.

It is the story of a husband and father, Karim (Mohammad Amir Naji), who loses his job at an ostrich farm in rural Iran (he is infairly blamed when an ostrich escapes). When he goes to the city to get his daughter’s hearing aid repaired, a man hops on the back of his motorcycle and asks to be taken somewhere. Karim realizes this is a way to make fast, good money.

This is a small film, a brief glimpse into the lives of the working poor in Iran, infused with gentle humor. Karim learns to see and listen to his world as he learns to stop and pay attention. A cinematic poem. Naji won the Silver Bear at Berlin last year (2008) for his performance as Karim.

Karim does everything he can to get back the run-away ostrich

Karim does everything he can to get back the run-away ostrich