Teaching Media Literacy Education via SKYPE!

Virtual learning: teaching media literacy via SKYPE!

Virtual learning: teaching media literacy via SKYPE!

I had the honor of being a “Virtual Guest Lecturer (via Skype) for Dr. Stephanie Flores-Khoulish’s class RE 601 Media Literacy Education” at Loyola College in Baltimore this past Saturday morning. This is the third time I have done this kind of distance teaching/learning and I recommend it! Thanks, Steph, to you and your students, for this opportunity.


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  2. Would love to know how you did this via skype! Am looking to do something similar with a guest lecturer for my class at UC San Diego. 🙂

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  4. All we did was 1) download SKYPE 2) hooked up our computers to the Internet (we both have Mac Book Pro with the video camera installed) and 3) hooked the computers up our LCD projectors. Does this help?

  5. Hi there, we are hosting a conversation to better understand use of Skype in the classroom. Would you be interested to contribute more about your experiences with us as part of the Social Good Summit? Here is the Facebook weblink: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=169&uid=101357956582648

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