Movies & Lent

Here are two books, excellent for individuals or groups, to journey through Lent using movies and scripture. You can order these from our Pauline Book & Media Centers in Culver City, CA (310-397-8676) or San Diego , CA(858-565-9281) or from Pauline Books & Media Publishing House.


Chocolate for Lent
A Creative Approach to Your Lenten Journey

By Hilary Brand

Using themes from the 2000 Academy Award nominated film Chocolat, this unique approach to the season creates the space for deeper insights into self-discipline, self-giving, conversion, acceptance and maturing in Christ. Delving into the delicious depths of humanity, Chocolate for Lent offers a lenten program like no other!

  • Ideal for personal spiritual reading
  • Perfect for parish lenten programs, prayer groups, RCIA groups, adult faith formation, or anyone who loves God, movies and chocolate!
  • Includes material for individual reflection and a complete guide for group leaders.

Take up Chocolate for Lent this year—without guilt or calories—and grow in faith with your friends.
Prof. Thomas Groome, Boston College, author of What Makes us Catholic.

A smooth spiritual blend of scriptures, social awareness, service, community prayer, integrity, love, and what it means to be a follower of Christ.
Rose Pacatte, FSP author of Lights Camera…Faith! A Movie Lectionary Series

Paperback / 140 pages / Dimensions: 5″ x 7 1/8″ / ISBN: 0819815675
Retail Price: $11.95


The Power of Small Choices

Hilary Brand

What are you doing for Lent? How about watching a movie?

Once again, bestselling author Hilary Brand offers a unique twist to living the season of Lent. This lively five-week course explores the amazing power of the small choices we make every day, chal­lenging us to broaden our spiritual horizons in ways that will make a difference.

Two movies, The Shawshank Redemption and Babette’s Feast, demonstrate the invincible human ability to make choices— choices of observation, limitation, imagination, determination, and affirmation—even in the most limited circumstances. Learn how to turn small, daily choices into occasions for personal growth and practical love, and experience this season of conver­sion anew.

  • Ideal for personal spiritual reading and reflection.
  • Perfect for parish lenten programs, prayer groups, RCIA, adult faith formation, or anyone who loves God and movies!
  • Includes a complete guide for group leaders, additional bible study material, and suggestions for celebrating the course’s completion.

Hilary Brand
is the author of Chocolate for Lent, based on the Oscar-nominated movie Chocolat. She also written four children’s novels and co-authored Art and Soul (IVP), an exploration of faith and the arts. A self-confessed movie junkie, she also loves the Bible and likes seeing what thoughts emerge when the two come together.

Paperback / 245 pages / Dimensions: 5″ x 7 1/4″ / ISBN: 0819859567
Retail Price: $7.95

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