He’s Just Not That Into You


I am still trying to figure out what I thought about this marriage among an all-white ensemble cast trying to find mates in nouveau Baltimore.

Director Ken Kwapis is still into marriage movies (License to Wed, 2007).

There’s a line from a film I disliked a lot: “Closer” (directed by Mike Nichols, 2004) – a line I never forgot: If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking. “Closer” was about marriage and the impossibility of faithful commitments. “He’s Just Not That Into You” was similar, though each couple (almost too many to count; it was like 12 degrees of separation connected) ended up in a different place than when they started. 

Not sure if marriage and commitment came off any better at the end than at the beginning or through the middle. But maybe some of the characters learned something to help them grow.

The strongest, and most entertaining,  pairing was between Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long.

I am wondering if this film wouldn’t be interesting for Catholic/religious young adults (or people who care about fidelity to commitments) to see and talk about with married couples, parents, and clergy while they are still “on the market” (such an unpleasant way to view persons and the possibility for authentic relationships and just maybe, love. )


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  1. “If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking” is Closer’s tagline.

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