Confessions of a Shopaholic


Just a few words on this romantic comedy produced by CSI expert Jerry Bruckheimer.

First, I liked the book better; the comedy was deeper, not LOL, but smarter and more subtle.

Having said this, I liked the film. It’s timing is excellent, arriving right in the middle of the country’s financial meltdown (the world’s). Isla Fisher plays Rebecca who has to go into a credit card recovery program – well, her flat mate forces her to. Rebecca lies, delays, and eats, drinks, and sleeps shopping – but it has to stop. When she reveals why she shops, I think many people may find they shop for the same reasons.

In the excellent online movie, The Story of Stuff, the narrator makes connections between how advertising makes us want stuff we don’t need so we will feel better. And as soon as we get home from work and spending the money we earn, tv commercials make us feel like we suck, so we go to work to get more money to go shopping.

Rebecca illustrates this consumer mentality to a “t”.

The film reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty in some ways, but I think Confessions of a Shopaholic came first. (Sex & the City was more superficial than these so I didn’t see as many connections.)

Also, they should have left the whole thing in England instead of importing an Australian actress to be an American and Hugh Dancey as a Brit, well, playing a Brit, and all in New York.

For media literacy educators, there is a lot of good-natured material here: needs, wants, the role of media, consuemrism, target-marketing … even in an economy moving downward.

When Rebecca winks at the end, I don’t think it means she didn’t learn anything, I think it spells… sequel! You don’t overcome shopaholicism in two hours.


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