Valkyrie is a tragic film, all the more so because you know how it will end before it even begins. 

Tom Cruise plays Col. Claus von Stauffenberg as the leader of the 15th plot to assassinate Hitler during World War II. This particular attempt took place  on July 20, 1944 when the allied invasion of Normandy was underway. 

The film shows how indecision at crucial moments led to its ultimate failure.

Even though we know the ending and watching the film is an intense experience, it is always an inspiration to see stories about people with character and who follow their consciences knowing the consequences if they do not succeed. They knew Hitler and his henchmen were thugs and murderers and were committed to stopping them. They wanted to show the world that not all Germans were like or believed in Hitler. As the men wanted to prevent the needless deaths of their soldiers and liberate the camps, they also hoped to negotiate a settlement with the  advancing  allies knowing the end of the Third Reich was near. 

Excellent cast, direction, and cinematography. This isn’t a film about the stars; it is about heroes in a time of great human need. 

Heroes indeed.

We always need heroes.

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