Sr. Rose’s AOL Blog Archive is now at Blogspot

Thank you for your interest in my more than 400 reviews and postings that used to be hosted by AOL. They decided not to do this anymore and then worked a deal with Google so us bloggers could migrate all our hard work to a new home!


When the notice came I created a new blog at WordPress right away thinking I could move the archive there. This was not possible. Then AOL sent the instructions about their deal with  Google … so the archives are resting there! If WordPress ever lets me migrate the archive to this blog, I will do that.

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  1. Thank you, Sister Rose! It is much welcome news that your archive is accessible via blogspot. I don’t seem to find a review on “W.” Did you do one? I saw the film just once (I need to see it again, I think) so I’m very curious about your insights on it.


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