Fireproof the Movie

As many of you know, FIREPROOF opened this past weekend. My review is available at the St. Anthony Messenger website:

Kirk Cameron in FIREPROOF

I have seen several other reviews and the emphasis is on how the film deals with a Christian marriage on the brink of divorce and the causes: lack of communication, selfishness, etc. But the strength of this film is its willingness to look at the impact of pornography on a marriage. No one wants to consider the influence of this social virus on the souls of individuals, marriages, and relationships.

I say “kudos” to the filmmakers for finally talking about the invisible elephant in the living room of “good” families.

Watch how the Cameron character treats his mother and his wife. He has no respect for anyone except his buddies at the fire station. Thank goodness his own father is willing to persevere and work with his son – before it is too late.

The film does preference “message” over “art” but because the theme is such an important issue, I recommend the film to begin a conversation about pornography in the faith community and beyond.


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