So You Think You Can Dance?


When the 4th season of “So you thing You Can Dance” begins on May 22 (Fox), I will be watching. I watched it for the first time last year and was blown away by many of the dances as the weeks went on, especially “The Hummingbird Dance.” It’s the one dance I remember. I watched it again this morning and felt the same way. I was also impressed by how serious and sincere these young people are about dance, and how talented they are. For the most part, I really admired how well they created and gave so much credibility to their art.

I took tap dancing lessons when I was in 2nd grade. I begged and badgered until my grandmother enrolled me and paid the $2 per lesson at the nearest Totten Dance Studio in San Diego. After the first “recital”, well, I came out late and so they gave me a plastic trophy and said I didn’t need to come back anymore. I got over it. It was a lot of physical work that included tumbling. I wasn’t a very good tumbler! Well, we all have our gifts.

All the best to the dancers and choreographers. I hope this season will be even more inspiring than last time.


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