Young@Heart the Movie

Just by chance I got to see this film on Saturday with my sister Libby, visiting from Sacramento. Enchanting, life-affirming, foot-stomping, inspiring, and fun.

The film follows the Young@Heart Chorus from Northampton, MA – median age: 80 – for about seven weeks before they are to go on tour with a new program. Led by Bob Climan for 25 years, the group learns several new songs and deals with life in a way that transcends the sickness and limitations that come to us all as life goes on.

This synopsis may sound as bland as white bread, but both my sister and I laughed and cried – and so did most of the audience at the Landmark on Pico – more than we have in a long, long, time.

This is a documentary that I will watch over and over.

For all those who think Hollywood doesn’t have good things in the pipeline, see this film and bless the Lord and the wonderful people in the film, and all those who made it possible. Young@Heart attests to the universal language of music – and how it can rock your world, filling it with hope, faith, and love.

This is a story for the ages.

Check out a couple of short videos on


Themes to talk about:



Dying well


The presence of God

Human dignity


The common good

The Last Rites (Anointing of the Sick)





The power of music to bring faith and life together


Marriage; fidelity


The Spirit who gives life


and so much more….


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