Technology Tools for Your Ministry: No Mousing Around Book Review

Technology Tools for Your Ministry:

No Mousing Around!

by Tim Welch

23rd Publications


114 pages

ISBN 9781585956760





This small handbook is brilliant – beginning with the size of the book, font style and size, white space on the pages, the cover (and the quality of the cover paper and the colors). Add these to the content that runs from attitudes toward technology (and attitudes toward those with whom we share faith about the use of technology in our parishes and schools – like patience), tips for conquering those aspects that challenge us (like reading the manual – yes, you can read the manual!), to how to connect a computer to an LCD projector, to creating media (iPodcasts) and much more. The book’s layout and content are in perfect harmony.


Tim’s approach is almost underwhelming; he has managed to approach his subject – and us – in such a way as to engage and empower us and not turn us off to technology.

One of the call outs (on page 4) attracted me immediately:

“Our primary vocation is to minister to one another in the gentlest, most life-giving way.”

This reminded me of when Anna Scally of advised a group of religious communicators: to “honor our students” and all those with whom we share faith.


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