Sr. Rose’s Top Ten Films 2007

Here is my Top Ten List for 2007 – a very difficult list to make this year that gave us so many life-affirming movies as well as those that dealt with human rights issues (documentaries in particular). I saw about 80 films this year out of about 350 that were released. If you check Variety in the next couple of weeks there will be a list of the top 250 grossing films.


992 films were released this year, grossing over $9 billion world-wide according to Of these I saw about 100.


The one film that comes before all of these is the best, most moving and transcendant film I have seen in ten years: The Lives of Others. It won an academy award last year for best foreign language film but didn’t get a general release until 2007. So, wherever it falls on the calendar, know that I still get goose bumps from thinking about this film (the arts transform a Stasi agent in East Germany…)





1. Juno

2. Michael Clayton

3. Into the Wild

4. Lars and the Real Girl

5. Amazing Grace

6. 3:10 to Yuma

7. No Country for Old Men

8. Paris, je t’aime

9. The Kite Runner

10. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly


Runners Up:






In the Valley of Elah

La Vie en Rose

Into Great Silence

The Savages

Eastern Promises


The Namesake

Evan Almighty

Becoming Jane


Arctic Tale

Devil Came on Horseback


The Great Debaters

Beyond the Gates


Spider-Man 3


A Mighty Heart

Martian Child

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Price of Sugar


The Bourne Ultimatum

Freedom Writers

Angels in the Dust

August Rush

Bridge to Terabithia


and I will be adding to the runner-up list though it may take me until it’s time for Oscar predictions (or hopes!)


Most DISAPPOINTING film, despite the hype and proficiency, it didn’t quite make the grade for me:

American Gangster


The BEST film I bet you didn’t see: Adam’s Apples (Adams æbler). I reviewed it in St. Anthony Messenger in June:


The WORST film (very subversive: it was so awful that it made me laugh anway; Paul Giamatti is always excellent and Clive Owen could have been James Bond): Shoot ’em Up


The WORST GOOD film that I saw this year (I think I enjoyed it because it was so innocent and the premise so preposperous): The Astronaut Farmer


The BEST films I didn’t get to see yet:


Gone Baby Gone

Away from Her

There Will be Blood

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

God Grew Tired of Us



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