No Country for Old Men Movie

This will be a brief entry because I don’t have much time but I saw No country for Old Men yesterday. It was an afternoon showing in the  suburbs; I think it was senior citizen day.

On the way out of the theater I overheard an older woman saying to her husband (I think): “Next time I get to pick the movie!” Another woman said, “I have no idea what that movie was about.” And then the two older ladies in front of me were commenting and one said to the other, “Well that movie really sucked.”

I was laughing my head off (discreetly, of course.)

I think this audience was expecting a Tommy Lee Jones western-type picture and what they got was a Coen Brothers TexMex crime flick with blood and violence running through it.

But Tommy Lee Jones is awesome in the film. The kid who sold me my ticket said he had seen the film, but it just stops at the end. There’s really no ending. He shrugged his shoulders – but I persevered.

There is an ending, I just can’t tell you. And yes, it does just stop.

This is about a psychopath drug lord (Javier Bardem) who wants his drug money at all costs. He’s crazy, kills brutally and without remorse. He talks in riddles. But so does Tommy Lee Jones as the sherrif and he is not crazy.

It’s a smart film and pure Coen. It has a point, though some may contest it. But it’s not a must-see film for everyone so if you are a Coen fan, don’t take your grandmother. She will say it sucks.


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  1. You whet my appetite. Tomorrow the Stabosz clan will follow our Coen Brothers tradition and all traipse off together to a matinee viewing of "No Country for Old Men."  We only do this for Coen Brothers films. I am so glad to hear all the good reviews of it.

    So this is one grandmother who won't say "It sucks".  But we won't be including nine year old granddaughter Ruth in the family afternoon at the movies, either. 🙂

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