IPods, Blogs and Beyond: National Media Education Conference 2007

The 2007 theme,  “iPods, Blogs and Beyond: Evolving Media Literacy for the 21st Century” – will be explored in more than 75 conference events, including keynotes, workshops, special interest caucuses and more. Workshop titles include

  – Using Media and Technology in the Language Arts Classroom

  • Educating Media Educators for the 21st Century Classroom — Media Literacy in Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs
  • Let’s Write a Movie!  Teaching Language Arts Skills Through Scriptwriting
  • Media Literacy and Service Learning in the Classroom
  • Podcasting in the Classroom
  • Media Literacy: The Missing Link to Civic Engagement in the Digital Age
  • Equity, Ethics, & Standards: Media Literacy in Secondary English Classrooms
  • Using Wiki Writing to Foster Critical Analysis of the Media
  • Fair Use in the Age of YouTube: Media Literacy and Copyright Issues
  • Getting 21st Century Critical Thinking into the Curriculum
  • Making MySpace a Safe Space: Risks and Realities of the Online Culture

Here’s the complete list (15 page- color PDF) including descriptions and presenter names and film screening information.

 Keynote speakers include:

  • Robin Blake, British media literacy expert and Ofcom’s Manager for Media Literacy
  • Renee Hobbs, media literacy pioneer and author of “Reading Media: Media Literacy in High School English.”  
  • Douglas Rushkoff, creator of “Merchants of Cool” and author of more than 10 books on media, art, society and change.  
  • Henry Jenkins, MIT professor and one of the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />U.S.’s most innovative thinkers on video gaming and learning.

The first ever 2-day Media Literacy Education Research Summit is held immediately prior to NMEC, and features  feature presentations by an international group of experts and researchers from disparate fields.. More details on the Summit are here. A combined discount rate is available when you attend both the Research Summit and the NMEC.

Register online today with a credit card. Don’t wait until 2009 — this important biennial conference is the only one like it in the country, and it’s your chance to meet and learn from the best.

Sample Southwest airfares until April 19:
$64 one-way, to/from Amarillo, TX
$44 one-way, to/from Chicago (Midway), IL
$44 one-way, to/from Cleveland, OH
$44 one-way, to/from Dallas (Love Field), TX
$44 one-way, to/from Detroit, MI
$84 one-way, to/from Harlingen/South Padre Island, TX
$64 one-way, to/from Houston (Hobby), TX
$44 one-way, to/from Kansas City, MO
$44 one-way, to/from Louisville, KY
$64 one-way, to/from Lubbock, TX
$84 one-way, to/from Midland/Odessa, TX
$44 one-way, to/from Oklahoma City, OK
$74 one-way, to/from Orlando, FL
$84 one-way, to/from San Antonio, TX
$44 one-way, to/from Tulsa, OK
Two weeks are left to receive the Early Bird rate of $295 (AMLA members) at the National Media Education Conference 2007, June 23-26 at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, hosted by the Alliance for a Media Literate America (AMLA).

Double hotel rooms at the Millennium conference hotel are only $80. See the end of this email for rock-bottom airfares from Southwest available when you book by April 19 (next Thursday) and fly from Illinois (such as $44 from Chicago Midway), Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Kansas City. They also have excellent rates for all other cities they serve.Check out hotel details and air options.

(I am posting this from Susan Rogers who is doing publicity on behalf of the AMLA)

Susan Rogers

Editor & publisher


featuring the Media Literacy Speakers Bureau and

hundreds of resources for media literacy education.

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