Scanning Television – a must for media literacy

This DVD (or video) set is extremely helpful to media literacy educators because of the numerous clips, and brief and entertaining presentations of just what media literacy is, e.g. The House Hippo and the BBC April Fool’s special about the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest. This is a must have if you use clips in your presentations. – Rose 



Celebrating the 10th Anniversary
A special offer for educators
Second set of Videos Free
Save $200

Dear friends and colleagues

Ten years ago we created the first Scanning Television collection, including dozens of short videos chosen by a media educators and classroom teachers.

The response has been exceptional, with the first and second editions winning critical acclaim and prizes from the New York, Houston, and Columbus festivals and the Canadian  AMTEC award.  Excerpts from reviews by two leading media educators are attached. 

This kit has now become an internationally acclaimed resource, selling widely in the US, UK, Japan and Canada, and adopted by Jesuit schools around the world.

To celebrate and share this success, we are making a special  2 for 1 video offer.  Order one set of Scanning Television  Second Edition at the regular price  of US$249 and get a second set of videos for free, along with four copies of the teaching guide. That’s a saving of $200.  Please see the enclosed flyer for details and shipping costs.  

More information including reviews and a complete list of the videos is attached,  more reviews and a list of all entire contents of the videos can be found on our website

Best wishes,
John J. Pungente SJ,  The Jesuit Communications Project
Betsy Carson,   Face to Face Media

International Distributor

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  1. I see on your "best of" list that you just saw "Dreamgirls." I hope you will write a review.  I'm interested in your perspective on it as well as further information on the history behind the storyline.  There's a huge debate in my family about it so the additional information will help settle it 🙂


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