The Nativity Story Movie

The Nativity Story is now enterting it’s third weekend in theaters. You are still on time, in most places, to see this lovely film about Mary (Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah, Anna, Joachim, the shepherds and magi) in the year leading up to and including Jesus’ birth.

If you’ve been planning to see The Nativity Story but waiting for some reason, please do go this weekend so that box office numbers will grow and sustain the film through the New Year.

For all of us who love the idea of the Scriptures brought to life in the spirit of St. Ignatius who taught us that visualizing ourselves “there” in the Gospels would help our faith lives and out prayer, The Nativity Story will help us do this in a remarkable way.

The Tidings, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is running a weekly Advent guide for “households of faith”. Here is the link for this week’s guide:

Also, you can check in this blog by scrolling down for links to many articles and reviews of The Nativity Story.

My feature article about the film stars and what they had to say about the film can be accessed by this link:

The way the film industry works in by box office receipts. If a film does not sell enough tickets at a theater, the chances of a theater keeping the film lessen very quickly. I have noticed that here in Los Angeles, some theaters have already replaced The Nativity Story with others.

People I have spoken to say they want to wait until the kids are out of school, or they want to wait until Christmas, or until the whole family can go. The reality is, if we would like the film to be in theaters at Christmas, we need to see the film now or it simply might not be there when you want to go.

This is a film you can easily see twice! Every time I have seen it (seven so far because I have been to many screenings) I learn or see something new. To me it is a wonderful way to prepare for Advent.




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