The Nativity Story Movie – opening weekend

Hi everyone,

As you will hear tomorrow morning, the first weekend’s box office for The Nativity Story was slow, to say the least.

If you are a believer in authentic films that tell good stories, that are religious and for the family, please be sure to support this film now. Otherwise, it won’t be around when it starts to “feel” like Christmas. Go now as a way to begin Advent spiritually and then you can go again at Christmas.

Here’s what one of my family member’s wrote to me this morning (a mom):

“I saw The Nativity Story yesterday and it was WONDERFUL!  It will definitely be a classic in my house.  I can’t wait to see it again….  I just fell in love with Joseph and think he should be the model for our girls when they are looking for a good man.”

The Nativity Story is the whole package, folks. Hollywood is a business and they cannot afford to leave a picture in theaters if attendance is low. So, get a move on! Gather friends and family, your religious education, Bible, or catechism class, and go.

Visit your local theater and ask about group sales; theaters will accomodate the time and size of your group. The principal of a local Catholic hish school called me on Friday to say he was planning to take their students this coming week… great!

(You may also want to obtain a copy of The Nativity Story: a Film Study Guide for Catholics . It’s for personal Bible study, small group discussions and whole community catechesis/households of faith use.)



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  1. Sister Rose:
    That is SO-o cool that you got to go see “The Nativity Story” at the Vatican!
    Your fan club is “freaking out” right now! Way to go.
     Best wishes,
     Bev Nichter  

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