Respect for Women: A Media Manifesto

Media Manifesto’s Aim: Respect for Women
Document Produced by Congress at European University

ROME, APRIL 2, 2006 ( A congress held at the
European University in Rome ended with a “Manifesto for Respect of Woman in the Media.”

The international congress, entitled “Woman and the Media,” was organized by the Athenaeum Regina university’s Institute of Higher Studies on Woman, last Thursday. It brought together communicators and experts who synthesized their conclusions in this manifesto.

The manifesto reads:

1. We defend and promote in the media a respectful image of
woman’s identity and of the dignity of femininity.

2. We combat the abuse of the feminine image as an advertising or consumer instrument.

3. We promote correct and true information on the problems
affecting the feminine world.

4. We commit ourselves to avoid sensationalist tones and refuse to make a show of information.

5. We defend the role of woman as co-responsible with man in
the edification and development of society.

6. We promote a culture of freedom and peace, which respects
the contribution of the feminine genius in the humanization of

7. We defend and promote the irreplaceable role of woman as
educator of society in the defense of the more authentically
human values, such as love, respect, dignity in suffering and
weakness, tolerance.

8. We defend and promote the active presence of woman in public life and the world of work.

9. We promote the dignity of woman and the equal rights of
woman and man.

10. We commit ourselves to responsibly provide information and sensitization by detecting, documenting and speaking out
against situations and practices that limit freedom and violate
the rights of women and girls.


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