Wedding Crashers

Two almost-40 Washington lawyers, friends for years, crash weddings as a hobby in order to score.


Vince Vaughn as Jeremy and Owen Wilson as John are likeable characters but when their need to engage in such immature behavior year after year finally evokes an existential crisis from John, wedding crashing doesn’t look so appealing any more. Jeremy and John meet two sisters and while John falls for Claire (Rachel McAdams), his love is unrequited. John wants to marry Claire but she is engaged to someone else. Claire’s sister, Gloria (Isla Fisher) seduces Jeremy – over and over and over. But Jeremy doesn’t want to settle down, so he and John eventually go their separate ways. Jeremy, however, now takes up funeral crashing with none other than Will Ferrell as a mentor so they can score widows. 


What was already a sorry movie, though it had its funny moments, just got worse. Can’t someone find a decent script for Will Ferrell? Can he act as something besides a buffoon? I repeat: he never should have left politics at SNL. Neither SNL or Ferrell have been the same since.


The film is doing great box office, but it’s one of my worst films of the year so far. I wonder how long an airplane version of this film will be: 15 minutes?

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