Joan of Arcadia: Fans not happy with cancellation

From May 31, 2005
(A daily TV and film industry newsletter):
Joan of Arcadia fans are not taking the cancellation of the CBS show lying down.  It used to be a fan group would write letters or sign petitions.  In this day and age, they send e-mails launch a website: The response from CBS spokesman Chris Ender on behalf of the network:  “It was one of the toughest programming decisions we have had to make in the last couple of years because qualitatively, everyone here loved the show and was proud of the show.” All that is well and good, but the fans don’t plan on letting up, particularly since they’ve learned the cast in under contract until mid June.  Joan of Arcadia aired for two seasons -the first year it averaged a little better than 10 million viewers; this season that dwindled to 8 million. And the other factor for CBS – the median age of Joan of Arcadia viewers is 53.9, older than even the average CBS viewer (which is around 51).