My Top 12 for 2004

Let me begin by saying that 2004 was not a great year for the movies – at least not like 2003. However, some of the 88 films I saw this year (out of 250 top earning movies released in the US) do rise to the top.


My criteria for the top 12 are


         excellence in filmmaking

         how well the film tells a story


         or the ability of the film to launch conversations about things that matter, beginning with human dignity

         how well the film entertains



These criteria do not mean that I endorse the POV of the film per se; my top 12 selections reflect mostly how much it got my attention and made me think – or smile. In no particular order, my dozen are:


Spider-Man 2

Fahrenheit 9/11

The Corporation

Maria Full of Grace

Garden State

Napoleon Dynamite


Finding Neverland


Vera Drake

Million Dollar Baby

The Passion of the Christ


(My reviews are all available in this blog.)

1 Comment

  1. the passion of the christ is the best movie ever people think it has blood and does so what all the movies i saw blood and heads comes off

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