Spider-Man 2

“Ecastatic” may be overstating my mood somewhat after seeing Spider-Man 2, but I liked it ever so much – and it’s the closest adjective on the list the Journal provides to express my response. Better than Spider-Man (2002)? You bet!

Spider-Man 2, for its comic book, action-super hero premise, is actually a morality tale about character and virtue. The bottom line: “Don’t listen to them; we have to be steady, give up what we want the most, even our dreams, to do the right thing.”

Lots to talk about from a character education perspective: honesty, fairness, justice, courage, self-sacrifice and love – and choosing the right path in life, and the right action. 

The “virtue” in the film is offset by Harry’s desire for revenge and Otto’s split personality that turns him into an A.I. driven scientist with a god-complex.

I thought the acting was just right – and it is a high-concept over-the-top action film, so hold onto your seats! It’s also a movie that makes you – smile.

I overheard a couple leaving the theater say, “It was good even though they spent the last twenty minutes setting up the sequel.” Well, there is that.

So far this year… this is one of my top five for an entertaining, wholesome film with real ideas.



  1. When the most ungodly organization on the face of the earth tells you what to watch….Watch out…Here Comes the Judge!!!!!!!!

  2. I have to agree. It’s much better then the first one. I liked the fact that there was more story line this time.

    However it was a little long for my 8 and 9 year olds. There were spots that were kind of slow i.e. love story, plot with Aunt May. But overall they seemed to like it. They were ever so patient in waiting for the action to begin.

  3. I think Sister Rose sums it up well.  I thought is was a good film, too.  I do have to admit that I did become a bit tired by the "…even our dreams…" bit, but overall it was a nice moral tale.  I especially like Peter's table confession to his aunt and her eventual forgiveness.
    You tell ’em, Sister!

  4. Sister Rose has the best comment i heard so far on the Spider Man 2 movie. I saw it and it was EXCELLENT!!!

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