Shrek2 begins when Fiona and Shrek go on their honeymoon and return to find Donkey keeping house for them (more or less.) Fiona’s parents want them to come for a visit so they can give their blessing to the marriage. And the adventures begin.

Shrek2 is aimed a little older audience than the Shrek – perhaps hoping to interest the now more mature audience that enjoyed the first film. Lots of double entendre, a little scatalogoical humor – and Joan Rivers, Starbucks and Hollywood – watch out! The film is such a spoof on the cult of image… and continues to have some of the same themes that made the original so enjoyable…. family, body image, self-confidence, sacrifice for others and for love, truth, reconciliation. Sound track is pretty good – though I think it could have been better (in my vast experience and ever so humble opinion.)

The audience really laughed – and so did I.

Eddie Murphy lives!!! But Antonio Banderas as the voice of the fairy tale character “Puss in Boots” is way funny. Garfield, beware!

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  1. loved bandaras gaking up a hair ball – as puss -n-boots!  this was a fun movie..

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