Cold Mountain

I was prepared not to like Cold Mountain because I did not care for the book. It didn’t engage me.

However, the film far exceeded my expectations. It’s got a haunting beauty, graphic battle scenes (not unlike other Civil War films we have seen), humor, great kindness and courage with much human weakness – and no cliche’s. Food and “meal” is a stong motif, among many others, as well as faith and religion, without being obvious.

There is so much to say. Rene Zellweger is amazing and provides the humor. She deserves a best supporting actress win on this. We may be almost at saturation point with Nicole, but she carries off her role as Ada (she has a “piano”, too) very well. Jude Law fits perfectly into his role as “Inman”. To the credit of cast and director, it is more an ensemble piece than a presentation vehicle for Nicole. Very well cast.

It’s moving and very much an anti-war film without being preachy.

Some aspects reminded me of The English Patient… but I got over that fast enough.

The only major gaffe is Nicole’s black pant suit that is so out of character for a period piece. And if someone tries to explain it away, I am not inclined to accept any explanation. You can try though …

Cold Mountain IS one of the good ones and I recommend it.


  1. Ummmm, excuse me? I kept looking for this ‘pant suit’ as I watched ‘cold mountain’. Thinking it would be about when Ada and Ruby went through Rev. Monroe’s clothes to find ‘warmer attire’ for their trip up the mountain to find Ruby’s father didn’t dissapoint me. BINGO!

  2. I studied that ‘pant suit’ to the point of my eyes bugging out. Oh please, there was NO ‘pant suit’! If you look back at the begining of the film, you see Rev. Monroe wearing that cloak, also notice Ada’s stature next to him, she is not a ‘short woman’. The cloak on Ada is ‘gathered’ and ‘belted’ in front, AND since the cloak is so LONG it gives the appearance of well fitted pants.

  3. I of course checked out the cuff hemlines of the pants,t hat may be the only flaw I saw in this ‘pant suit’. (boy does this sound snotty, sorry)
    Clearing my throat now and gathering the armor to withstand any rebuttal, here goes: Um, Sister, I had a huge problem with the ‘sexual’ content! poopoo! Bad form! They took a perfectly watchable ‘safe’ movie and smutted it. This was not needed in anyway to ‘heighten’ the appeal of this movie

  4. Because of that poor taste in displaying explicit sexual scenes this movie was a huge dissapointment!
    Another thing; How could you not of liked the ‘book’? Huh? The book was well written and I found myself imagining the scenery all the way through..not to mention the book expressed the personal relations between the characters more intimately; Because of that, ‘vivid’ descriptions of human physical encounters was not needed or WANTED!

  5. At the end one is led to believe that Ada and Inman find intimacy while in the old indian huts, however it was not raw and offensive. I can’t believe I’m the prude! I find nothing gained by portraying sex in the media…We all KNOW it exisits… We all KNOW it is not regarded ‘sacred’ as it once was in society.
    yaya Burd

    sorry about the 4 entries…It wouldn’t let me go past 500 words, characters….And to think I couldn’t wait until tommorow.

  6. Sister….
    You should start at the ‘bottom’ of the ‘entries’ page as I entered 4 or 5 because it would not let me enter all of what I wrote……read from the bottom up after this one…….Cio Bella……….

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