Peter Pan

Peter Pan is really Wendy’s movie. This new version, directed by Australian PJ Hogan is a delight. He and screenwriters based it on the original 1904 play by J M Barrie – not the Disney version (heaven forbid.) They did add one character, an aunt, played by the wonderful Lynn Redgrave. They also used the book PETER PAN as a reference, but the play’s the thing.

So, OK, the actor who plays Peter Pan is a male (for the first time instead of a middle-aged female in a live-action film) and American. Everyone else is British.

The Pirate (who also plays the father) is the best – and the costumes are very very good.

If you love the Peter Pan story, this will not disappoint. Some parts might, note might, scare some little kids. However, the scary parts are not too intense and tempered well by humor and – fairies. My nephew Jake has been a devoted pirate since he was about 2, and he will eat this right up. No matter the age or gender, viewers will relate to this film.

But the film does belong to Wendy.



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