CSI – Las Vegas, Miami, Navy

Why is it audiences like to watch close ups of body innards?

When CSI (Vegas) first came on, I watch it religiously (?!). Then came Miami. I like David Caruso but I still feel cheated because they stole Emily Procter from The West Wing. Anyway. Now Mark Harmon runs the Navy CSI. Different spins on the same theme: experts use forensics to solve very serious crimes. One thing I like about all of these is the cultural diversity of the casts, but all of them are headed by Middle Aged White Males. Then there is the issue of right and wrong. Is the government (police or military) always right, even when the crimes are within the very groups trying to solve the crimes? Something to talk about… How many murder mysteries can the primetime TV viewer handle in one week? And why? I like to vary my television diet. And I do like sports. I watch ice skating.


  1. Im a senior,and all my friends and I watch navy csi…we really enjoy the show and we enjoy mark harmon…. why did they cut out those extra episodes of the show from 28 to 17…. (sorta that amount)  and why is the network giving us so many re-runs  I think when they rate these shows uthey are not getting a correct picture of what everyone is watching… most of us tape the shows we like best so we can watch it at our leisure and not get interruped by phone calls, or door bells ringing, etc… so how can these critics judge what people are watching?  all the csi shows are great… so dont be thinking about get rid of them… and PLEASE STOP ALL THOSE RE RUNS…… IT JUST MAKES US SENIORS  UPSET…..we wait for these shows and then you give us re runs…. show them during the summer…. //when we are sitting on our porches enjoying our neighborhood..and friends…

  2. Ok, I've watched the season finales of CSI Las Vegas (torture-Quinten Tarantino is odd and this show was off the wall. I could not watch it but paced in and out of the room! AWFUL!), NCSI ( Great story line and tie in to the season.  But why were the producers and directors and writers compelled to kill off one of the major players? Ridiculous!!!) and finally CSI Miami(perfection! What more can I say. It was absolutely divine). As for the 3 major white male leads…..God, I love all three of them….Hot, Hot, Hot!!!! I think the major lead in CSI NY should have been Denzel Washington!Yes, I LOVE handsome, sexy men! Thanks keep em coming!)

  3. See also: http://www.ng2000.com/fw.php?tp=navy

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